Friday, February 02, 2007


first ever 'POOETRY' writing contest!
(write a poop poem!)

the best 'pooem' will win this TURD!
RULES: entrants will write their best 'pooem' and e-mail entries to:
contest starts TODAY, FEB 2nd, and will END friday Feb 9th.
all submissions must be recieved by midnight PST friday the 9th.

the winner will be chosen by a panel of selected (non-competing) bloggers.
GOOD LUCK! and happy pooing!


Anonymous said...

"A Smile's Worth the Smell"

If you're feeling down,
Don't frown,
Just sit down,
And think Brown.

Soon you'll have a little friend,
Coming out of your rear end.
But don't be in a rush to flush.
Take a little while,
to give your little friend a smile.

Fore when you do,
Look closely at your poo,
And he or she'll be smiling back at you!


fantastic! I can smell the words.

Anonymous said...


Dear Swirly Turdhead
How very cute you are
You are quite divine

poopmagnet said...

Those who smelt it delt it.
Those close by felt it.
It has the color of dirt.
It is none other than the hershey squirt.

Anonymous said...

what stench from yonder outhouse wafts?
It is my past even's meal, my turd!
How delicately it floats upon waters so dreary and befouled,
gently kissing the bowl
leaving lovely reminders of where it has touched
what it was
and where it will be
healthy and proud
it sails around and around
into the vortex of filth
to grace the presence of yon rat or cock-a-roach beneath the busy streets of town
you may not see it's beauty
for i alone may love it's subtle aromas
because "everyone loves their own brand"!!!!


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

LOL I didnt know poo could be so fun. Thanks for visiting my blog since now I found your site!f

emma said...

Here I sit
Upon a throne
A throne of stone
I'm all alone

Except for my poo
My glorious doo
My glorious smorious UPROARIOUS poo

Until I flush
(A wondorous rush)

Of brown
Going downtown
Swirling 'round

Monique said...

"The Love Song of My Buddy Pooprock"

LET us poo then, you and I,
When toilet seats are clean and dry,
A seat cover that is so appealing;
Let us go, across certain shined tile floors,
The whirring vents
Of public bathrooms in cheap highway rest stops;
And tepid coffee making its way through me:
Grumblings that follow like a rumbling monster
Of obvious portent
To lead you to the only real question…
Oh, do not ask, “Where is it?”
Let us poo, the toilet visit.

Out the door truckers come and go
Talking of Michelob, you know.

The brown drops that plop slowly in whirring waters,
The brown drops that plop slowly in whirring waters;
Flicking corn nuggets into the corners of the bowl,
Lingering upon the buttock that puckers and strains,
Let drop into the water the bits of indigestible meal,
Sliding through the bowels, made a sudden dash,
And seeing that it was impossible to wait,
Drove to this forlorn truck stop and plunged inside.

And indeed there is relief
For the brown drops that plop in whirring waters,
Flicking corn nuggets far and wide;
The poop is fine, yes the poop is fine
Healthy, dark and not too big;
There will be more this very night,
And time to question that cup of coffee
That eases bowels so nice as mine;
Time to wipe and time to pee,
And time yet for my bottom to be washed,
And for a thin pair of pants to be properly laid,
Before meeting the highway and car seat.

Out the door truckers come and go
Talking of Michelob, you know.

Unknown said...

awesome! i'll have to give this a try.

Hobo Divine said...

Sometimes you're straight,
Sometimes you curve
Sometimes you exit
like stinky "soft-serve"

But no ice-cream truck
could deliver
a gift like you
that makes me quiver

Sometimes you splash
Sometimes you ker-plunk
Sometimes you spray
Sometimes you dunk

You are my brown autograph
inside a shiny toilet bath
You are my brown autograph
and you stinky design makes me