Thursday, February 15, 2007


the winner of the first 'pooetry' writing contest is emma a. Starchick
Upon A Throne-
Here I sit Upon a throne
A throne of stone
I'm all alone
Except for my poo
My glorious doo
My glorious smorious UPROARIOUS poo
Until I flush(A wondorous rush)
Of brown Going downtown
Swirling 'round

this was a difficult decision to make for the judges. thank you to all who entered the contest. there will be more opportunities to win a turd in the future.
(the above image was made using a camera with long exposure, and a blue flashlight)


akira said...

WOW! That poem REALLY stunk, and in this case that's a compliment. I nominate Emma for Pooet Laureate. congrats!

Anonymous said...

that picture looks like the opening credits for burgerlog, the movie! (i hope)

Anonymous said...

Con-scat-ulations to Emma!!!

R.Dress said...

I'm in the mood for poop.

Topi said...

pooetry rules!!! I've been writing pooetry for years, excepto nobody considers it a form of art. You can read my magnetic pooems in my blog, but it's in Spanish, hope someone understands.