Wednesday, November 18, 2009

turds in new zealand!

these pictures come from my pals dao and dominic! they went to New Zealand and took their turds along for the ride. here is what they saw:
they stopped at mukpuddy studios to chat with another dung!
they had some time to recycle during their vacation too!!

turds can get pretty steamy so it's nice to have a space with good ventilation. this is just outside Rotorua at the mud pools. looks stinky too!!
Turd on a lucious grass field. is that a suppository in the background?? anal orb?
this is a stinky sulfur lake, perfect for growing more dung. it kinda looks like my toilet too.
and here we have 'Idaho potato poop!' and moose droppings. I believe this is what lured the turds to new zealand in the first place. be careful little plop- you don't want to end up petrified on a shelf!!!!
thanks to dao and dominic for the great pictures!!!!! i'm glad they had a wonderful time exploring all the sh!t new zealand has to offer.
if you have a turd, please send in your pictures and I'll post them here!
(PS: new turds will be dropping in the shop early dec. for your holiday needs.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

london turds

here we find a curious turd in london at the famous tower bridge.
this is right by the crown jewels! this little guy might be related to jack the 'ripper.'
ye old turd in london town.
and at the corn exchange in london too. because if your turd has corn, some times you might need a good replacement.