Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TOP 7 of 2007!!

burgerlog doodie dolls were chosen as one of the top 7 toys of 2007
click here to read all about it.
burgerlog loves this news!!
thanks andy- and toys R evil!
over 100 turds and still going!!


Hobo Divine said...

super wicked!
You are the best!
(I put my e-mail in my "View Profile")

Laura A. Dalesandro said...


Unknown said...

I want a doodie doll!

Aurore Damant said...

This blog is so weird. I LOVE IT!

tirui said...


Mama Foo said...

Where-oh-where can I purchase a burgerlog doody? All makes and models seem to be "sold out" on your website. Perhaps I can commission you to make more?

Thanks in advance for any info/help you can give me.


Kyri Kyprianou said...

congrats, you really deserve it lol!! what a hilarious concept..