Friday, January 04, 2008

pennsylvanina poop'n

these pictures come from Tara T.  in los angeles.
she took poop platoon on vacation in pennsylvania with her, and here are some lovely pictures!
valley forge. (is this the 21 poop salute?)
POOP! POOP! chugga chugga!  in strasburg.
the hershey (squirts) factory!
a night time illuminated poo!
on the historic Strasburg rails!  I can almost hear the harmonica playing.
these photo's are great -thanks tara!!!

if you have a burgerlog doodie, send in a picture and I'll post it here too!


Hobo Divine said...

I wish I travelled as much as that little poo does!

You are the best!

Hobo Divine said...

Anna (email me)

I want to buy poo and owls!