Wednesday, April 15, 2009


looks like the teletubbies set to me, but this is the roof of the new academy of science museum in SF.  I wish my roof looked like this.  I thought I read an article that goats grazed on the roof, but apparently It was only a dream.

 the next new batch of turds will arrive in may to the burgerlog shop.   


Theron Trowbridge said...

You can go on the roof? Cool!

ZSL said...

looks like some crazy sci fi underground city's lookout tower

Tanith said...

that's my favorite building in the city! the first time i saw it i had no idea what it was since it wasn't open yet, so it was just the ominious, magical building that i hoped housed dinosaurs. along the lines of teletubbies... i bet your blue, green, red, orange and yellow turds probably would have felt right at home there too :D