Monday, November 26, 2007

the mummy poo rises....

out of the depths of the deepest toilets, rises a stench so foul! these pictures were submitted by akira, who was the winner of the 'pooetry' contest. akira went all out and really turned his pooem into a live recreation! all wrapped up nice and tight to preserve the stench, and girth.
mummy poo in his homeland.
sitting on the pharo's throne.
that could only be an egyptian toilet, look at the water painted underneath!

and of course the most famous vegas game ever, CRAPS!!
thanks for the pictures andy!!


kim said...

perfect presentation! and what ingenuity... mummy poo.

Geek Booteek said...

Soooo cool, we'll get some piccys of our "Runny-Up" poo getting up to some New Zealand hi-jinx!!