Wednesday, October 17, 2007


write your best poem about poo, and win a turd!
(the turd in this picture)
CELEBRITY guest blogger judges for this contest are: Brianne, and Chris!!
the theme of this contest is poo & halloween.
rules: contest starts today, and ends in 2 weeks on oct. 31st at midnight. write you best 'pooem' in the comments section below. your pooem will be judged, keep it PG.
a winner will be announced after the contest is done. good luck!


Anonymous said...

Once upon a cold dark night
my poo escaped what a fright!

Out the window and into town
a maniacal laugh could be heard all round!

His glistening white fangs really didn't stay white long,
as he attacked two cockatoos, a poodle, and Mrs Fong.

Please heed my warning! Please you must hide!
For the Vampire Poo is waiting outside!

akira said...

Mummy Poo

Mummy poo, mummy poo,
risen from the crypt,
wrapped around up and down,
with toilet paper strips.

What strange force has raised you up,
to lurk amongst the living?
From October 31st,
until around Thanksgiving.

The mighty lord Osiris,
has seen fit to give you life,
that you may haunt the nightmares,
of sorry souls who do not wipe.

(P.S. i'm really sorry: the two top comments i deleted because i overlooked that it was supposed to be halloweeny, and i wrote a non-scary poem, and then wrote an excuse, and then saw the delete comment button.. i thought it would just disappear when i pressed the button like nothing ever happened, but instead it looks kind of ugly, like you censored it or something..sorry! my bad!)

Eva said...

On Halloween night Mr. Poo
received such a terrifying fright
from a ghost that went “Boo”
with all his might!
That he scurried off and hid in the dish full of Turkish delight

He thought he was out of harms way
he thought he was out of sight
but little did he know, to his dismay
it was just the beginning of his plight
in that bowl full of Turkish delight!

Everyone knows,
trick or treater’s are notorious for their craving of sugar,
and even though Mr. Poo froze,
oh booger!
the child picked him out by his toes.

Ready to take a great big bite,
mr. Poo’s days were numbered,
but the story turned out alright,
for the kid detected that he was holding a turd!
and dropped Mr. Poo at once and bellowed a curse word!

Ashley said...

Flaming, firey bag of poop
on this Halloween night
Burning, burning on the stoop
Goodness, what a fright

Mr. Poo, who could it be
who set you all aflame?
And left you on the stairs that night
To burn away in shame

A caramel apple you might have been
or a fun-sized Snickers bar
You may have once been candy corn
Or something even more bizzare

But now, alas you are reduced
to nothing more than ash
a darkened stain upon the porch
Gone like last week's trash

Oh Halloween Poo, we'll see you
next year at the same time
as you re-appear upon the stair
In all your glorious grime

Ken said...

That poo is very cute
The cutest I have seen
Is this how he always looks?
Or just for Halloween?

Ken :D

Geek Booteek said...

Lonely on Halloween
Face covered with frown
There’s always a friend
I can squeeze out down town.

Shaped like an ‘s’
Or sometimes a ‘j’
His smile is consistent
And brightens my day

Soft to the touch
And the weight of a bird
He’s my bestest friend ever
This glistening turd.

Out trick or treating
We laugh all night long
People give us all their candy
Cause they can’t stand the pong.

When Halloween ends
We say our goodbyes
I quickly flush the toilet
And my little friend dies.

ZSL said...

oh such a cute little poop,
one that I dare not to scoop,
with eyes oh so bright,
and in such a plight,
of wishing to fly from it's coop.
to a jar the poo was then caught,
from a store, such things cant be bought;
but to do such things would be cruel;
to trap it, would make me a fool;
so up on the roof, for all to see,
the cute little poo grins down at thee.
a browny substance that brings such glee
a poo grinning down at thee

Faux said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Faux said...

Misses Poo dresses up so nice.
For a Poo Party,
she wants to go in disguise.

a monster,a mummy, a magician, a doc,
nothing seems to fit her,
which gives her a shock.

She thinks and thinks until her turdy head feels bad.
Then suddenly an idea comes into her head.

She sprinkles herself with water.
Oh what a fright!
diarrhea monster lurks into the night.

10:15 AM

(woops had to remove the previous post due grammatical error)

Rogelio T. said...

Halloween costumes don't work;
The ghouls they can tell.
They'll sneak up on you and lurk;
It's all in your Smell.

There's only one way
to avoid things that go boo.
So don't wipe all day
because you must smell like poo.

Katie said...

Mine's based on a true story and in haiku form!

Lonely poo waiting
Someone left you in the hall
Why did they leave you?

Human, or from dog?
I don't want to get too close.
Sorry Mister Poop!