Monday, January 22, 2007

plush week #2

these turds, along with many other plush, by other artists will be available at plush week #2,

opening jan. 23rd 7-10 pm, at gallery 1988, los angeles.

I'll have about 14 plush pieces. and my first plush product will drop this tuesday, like a big dump! it's called lucy owl and you will have to go to the show to see her and get one. lucy owl is the first in my limited edition designer series, (it's an owl -not a turd) and should be in stores later this spring. erick at ESC did a bang up job!


Anonymous said...

Hoot hoot hoot!!! I can't wait for Lucy Owl!!!

MareAmaro said...

crazy! but funny

PotatoFarmGirl said...

This is tonight? Holy cow, I think I can actually make it! Lucy Owl must hang out with the blue bird!

Anonymous said...

i found these by accident on google image search because i call everyone i love poop or turd and i think theyre AWESOME i want one

akira said...

your creations just keep getting better and better! you'll be posting info on how and/or where to buy Lucy Owl, right? do you ever make anything that isn't cute as the dickens? i mean you even make poop look cute!